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Fruits & Veggies. More Matters.

If you're looking to eat right without sacrificing taste or satisfaction, Lindsay Olives add flavor and variety to almost any dish. Lindsay is also part of the Fruits & Veggies – More Matters program which encourages increased consumption of fruits and vegetables for the maintenance of a healthy diet and prevention of chronic diseases.

Lindsay Nutrition Facts

To view the nutrition facts for Lindsay products, visit the products section, find and click the link on the product you are interested in then click the "Nutrition Facts" link on the product page.

Health Benefits of Olives from the California Olive Commission

The California Olive Commission provides information about the health benefits of olives. If you'd like more information about the olive's role in a healthy diet, download a copy of "Making Olive Your Food Count®" PDF

Resources on Dietary Fat

For information about dietary fat, download a copy of: