Black Ripe

The American Classic. This plump olive has a mild, nut-like flavor. It's perfect on salads, pizza, even fingertips, and is great with beer or a nice Cabernet. Small, large, jumbo or colossal, pitted, chopped, sliced or stuffed, there's a Black Ripe Olive to suit every taste and occasion.

Green Ripe

This is a mild olive with a buttery texture. The Green Ripe works well with the flavors of other foods while adding color and an earthy, natural touch to a variety of dishes from baked whitefish to tuna salad. Great with a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. Also completes a cool gin and tonic.


This ideal cooking olive tends to have more body, with a slightly bitter taste and a hint of wood, or what some may describe as smokey. Its firm texture makes it the ideal choice for making full-flavored meals and your favorite fried foods. A perfect complement to your Bloody Mary.

Spanish with Pimiento

The winning combination of this firm, bitter olive paired with a slightly sweet pepper makes this a long-time favorite. The carefully balanced flavors of this versatile classic make it equally at home in deviled eggs as it is in martinis. In fact, no martini should ever be without one.


Beautiful and dark, its rich, intensely fruity flavor is a favorite in olive bars and a delicious stand-alone snack. It easily stands up to lamb and swordfish, completes a Greek salad and pasta dishes, and complements a mellow Merlot.


This Italian olive is of the large green variety. Crisp, crunchy, and somewhat salty, it is great right out of the jar, or combined with swordfish or braised pork. The olive may also come pitted and stuffed with cheese, garlic, a pepper, or pimento. A perfect accompaniment to a dry sherry.

Dry Greek

With brandy notes and a long finish, this is an excellent cooking olive that adds complexity to pastas, roast veal, and tomato sauces. It's also great with any robust red wine.