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How do you know what type of olives are best for different menus? What are the best recipes to use? Although we don't pretend to have all the answers, we have done a lot of thinking about this topic. We'd like to share some of those thoughts with you, to help you better satisfy your customers and enable your olive business to grow.

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A Century of Sensational Taste

Much has changed in the last one hundred years. But—in many ways—it hasn’t, at least as far as Bell-Carter Foods is concerned. Founded in 1912, Bell-Carter Foods proudly turns one hundred this year...


Bell-Carter Foods’ Commitment to Sustainable Operations Earns Company a Significant Rebate Check From PG&E

On Friday, February 10, 2012, PG&E presented Bell-Carter Foods, LLC. with a check for $114,475—a rebate to acknowledge remarkable energy savings generated from a special aeration project constructed to reduce energy use at Bell-Carter Foods’ waste water treatment facility...


USDA Inspectors Trained on Sliced Olive Taste Parameters

On June 15-16, the Mondavi Olive Center at UC Davis trained between 25-30 USDA Inspectors on the flavor and quality standards all sliced ripe olives should meet.


Mechanical Harvesting Looks Promising

In the past year, there has been increased mechanical harvesting activity of table olives around the world. Spain has increased mechanical harvesting of the manzanillo variety specifically for sliced ripe olives.