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A Century of Sensational Taste

Much has changed in the last one hundred years. But—in many ways—it hasn’t, at least as far as Bell-Carter Foods is concerned. Founded in 1912, Bell-Carter Foods proudly turns one hundred this year. The company began as a small olive grove in Reedley, California and grew to produce olives for private brands, Bell’s and Lindsay Olives, one of the most widely recognized food brands in America.

“We are as much a family company today as when my great grandfather and his brother started the company in 1912,” says Tim T. Carter, chief operating officer of Bell-Carter Foods. “We are so grateful to the entire Bell-Carter family—the supportive community, loyal customers and dedicated employees—for being a part of this milestone: our 100-year mark as a company.”

This family-centric spirit could perhaps explain why Lindsay Olives shows up in more family households than any other branded olive. It was born from a commitment to innovation, customer service and—above all—quality: traits that resonate with today’s families looking for great taste and great value.

Brothers Arthur and Henry Bell founded the company to pursue a shared, lifelong dream, ultimately packaging and distributing olives under the Lindsay Olives brand name in the 1930s. It was during this time that Arthur helped to invent the pitter-chopper: a revolutionary device now widely used in the industry to remove pits while chopping olives simultaneously.

Today, Bell-Carter Foods sells more than half of all olives grown in California and is the largest table olive producer in the United States, with Lindsay Olives holding the #1 national brand position in all outlets. The company produces black and green ripe olives, imports Kalamata olives from Greece, and Spanish olives, cocktail onions, capers and pimientos.

In addition to an illustrious history of producing high-quality products, Bell-Carter Foods also has a history of commitment to sustainability and community. The company regularly donates to community organizations, food-based charities and educational causes. The company also recycles over 90 percent of all waste products and takes great measures to minimize its energy consumption.

Bell-Carter Foods leads the industry in quality processing standards to ensure fresh, great tasting olives in the marketplace. The company is proud to note its achievement as a Level 3-certified organization from the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute. It is also the first olive producer to become certified as part of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.

“As the largest ripe olive processor in the United States, we are extremely proud to celebrate our first century,” says Tim T. Carter. “We’re passionate about what we do—and have been for a century—to satisfy the discerning tastes of olive lovers everywhere. And we look forward to celebrating the 200-year milestone in another four generations of the Bell-Carter family.”