Bell-Carter Foods: 100 years in business. Still progressive in our approach.

Founded in 1912, Bell-Carter Foods is the largest table olive producer in the U.S. and the second largest in the world. We provide full-time employment to nearly 400 people. For over 100 years, our focus has been on providing innovative, best-in-class olive products, along with the industry's absolute best service. Our resulting leadership position has made us the ideal partner for retailers and foodservice organizations alike.

Bell-Carter Foods:
Did you know?

  • We process between 40,000-60,000 tons of olives each year.
  • Founded in Reedley, CA in 1912, we've been in business almost a century.
  • We are owned and operated by the fourth generation of our founding families.
  • Our co-founder Arthur Bell invented the "pitter-chopper," which is now used across the olive industry.
  • We recycle nearly every bit of plastic wrap and paper in our operations and reuse or recycle our olive bins, barrels, and pallets.

Our vision

As the leader in the olive category – in service, quality, category knowledge, and product development – we are passionate about creating perfect olives. Since the founding of our company, we have prided ourselves on our ability to listen to our consumers and consistently provide the products they love – olives that have the ideal flavor, texture, and color – which keep them coming back for more.

Helping our customers succeed

From the earliest days of our company, Bell-Carter Foods has had an exceptionally strong commitment to serving our retail and foodservice customers and helping them succeed. That's because we understand that our own success is dependent on theirs; it's a model that is the very definition of "win-win," and is nothing less than one of our core values and guiding principles.


Bell-Carter continually strives to be more environmentally sustainable. Whether it's through recycling 90% of all waste products (including everything from olive pits to paper products and excess can materials), industry-leading investment in wastewater treatment, or converting our plant lighting to halogen to reduce energy consumption, Bell-Carter is committed to being a responsible member of our communities for generations to come.


Being a family company with deep roots in our communities, Bell-Carter has always been committed to giving back. Every year we donate, volunteer, and raise money to support organizations both local and global. Our olive wreath program is now in its 9th year, raising record funds for Meals on Wheels in 2009. Employees have gotten involved as well–planting community orchards, walking to fight Breast Cancer, serving in soup kitchens, and in more other ways than we can mention. In addition, Bell-Carter not only donates to community, education, and food-based charities, but also supports employee contributions to causes close to their hearts.

A family heritage

Bell-Carter Foods is currently owned and operated by the fourth generation of the families that founded our company. From brothers Arthur and Henry Bell in the early part of the 20th century to Arthur's stepson Daniel S. Carter after the depression, to the 1960s when Daniel's sons, Tim and Jud Carter –the third generation of the family – entered the business. Today as Tim T. Carter keeps the flame lit, Bell-Carter Foods remains the industry leader, selling and marketing domestic olives, imported olives, and olive-related specialty products under the Bell-Carter Foods, private label, and Lindsay brand names.

Our culture

At Bell-Carter Foods, the same values that Arthur and Henry Bell established nearly a century ago still hold true today – our people are our culture.

Our consistently high standards have attracted a loyal and dedicated workforce that's always striving to create a better company, while having fun along the way. Our roots run deep and wide in the way we care about our employees, the community that supports us, our precious environment, and the olive trees that our growers harvest. And just like the olive tree, we believe in taking our time as we grow to ensure that we never lose sight of our values.

CA Transparency Act

Bell-Carter Foods, LLC.’s consistently high standards have attracted a loyal and dedicated workforce that's always striving to create a better company. Our roots run deep and wide in the way we care about our employees, the community that supports us, our precious environment and the olive trees that our growers harvest.

Requires Direct Suppliers to Certify that they are Doing Business in an Ethical Manner
In addition to Bell Carter’s annual audits of randomly selected suppliers, we require all suppliers to sign verifications to confirm they are doing business in an ethical manner.

Bell Carter Accountability
Bell Carter has a zero tolerance for employees and any suppliers that are not operating in an ethical manner. We maintain and confirm this by our yearly audits.

Bell Carter Provides Training
We provide training to our employees and management (e.g., Director of Supply Chain, Purchasing Team Leader and Import Coordinator). We have done extensive research and training on all our International suppliers in order to maintain proper and ethical supply channels.

Rose Guzman, Director of Supply Chain; Sourcing and Distribution
Lisa Havel, Procurement Manager
Kellie Riesinger, Contract Manufacturing Team Leader

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